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W8HHF FM Repeaters (All 103.5PL): 53.110- | 147.270+ | 224.140- | 442.850+ | 927.025- (131.8PL)
W8HHF 147.270+ Downtown Remote Receiver Use (250.3 PL) instead of (103.5 PL)
W8HHF D-Star: 442.750+ | W8HHF C4FM w/Wires-X: 146.835- (Status) | APRS Digipeater/IGate: 144.390 | WinLink: 145.050
Live Streams: 147.270 FM
Current Repeater Status: All Repeaters are Operational


No classes are scheduled at this time.
 Classes typically take place in the spring and fall. 

If you have a question contact Steve Stalker (KC8TVW)
via email at


Note: Morse Code is no longer a requirement for any Amateur License

There is no charge for the class itself, but you should have a textbook (The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual) that you can obtain beforehand from the ARRL or from us for a nominal fee (about $25.00.)  Check on the cost when you contact us.

When it is time to take the test at the end of the class, there is a charge of $15.00 to cover expenses for the test.  Please have exact cash.  Also, bring with you a valid picture ID and copies of any other previous licensing or CSCE's you may have.

Contact at 419.476.2947 or at 419.467.3734 to express your interest in a class.

  • Procedures

  • Regulations

  • Radio Theory

  • Purpose & Principles, Radio Spectrum, Structure & Call Signs, Metric System

  • Basic Electricity, Parameters & Units, Components, Beat Frequency, Oscillator, Schematics

  • Transmitters & Receivers, Amateur Station Block Diagrams, Amplification

  • Propagation, Transmission Lines, Wire Antennas, Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)

  • Antennas, Radio Frequency (RF) Safety, Antenna Polarization, Beam Antennas, V, I & R Measurements, Ohm's Law Calculations

  • Station Equipment, Buying Used Equipment, Q Signals & Abbreviations, Phonetic Alphabet, Safety, Dipole Construction & Installation, Trap Antennas

  • Exam Procedures, FCC Operating Rules, Privileges, Good Operating Practice, Quarter (1/4) Wave Antennas, Antenna Patterns, Yagi Antennas

  • Transmitting Modes, FM, SSB, CW, RTTY, AMTOR, Packet, FM Repeater and Simplex Operation, Proper Use and Purpose of a Repeater Autopatch

  • Problems Resulting from Improper Operation and Interference, High Pass, Low Pass, and Band Pass Filters, RF Radiation Safety

  • Use of Radio Control, FCC Amateur Service Regulations

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