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W8HHF FM Repeaters (All 103.5PL): 53.110- | 147.270+ | 224.140- | 442.850+ | 927.025- (131.8PL)
W8HHF 147.270+ Downtown Remote Receiver Use (250.3 PL) instead of (103.5 PL)
W8HHF D-Star: 442.750+ | W8HHF C4FM w/Wires-X: 146.835- (Status) | APRS Digipeater/IGate: 144.390 | WinLink: 145.050
Live Streams: 147.270 FM
Current Repeater Status: All Repeaters are Operational


The Toledo Mobile Radio Association is an organization based on amateur radio activities. The TMRA is the largest of 5 similar organizations in the Toledo, Ohio area. The organization was originally founded to provide emergency communications should some type of disaster occur.

TMRA was founded in December of 1953 by Maynard "Red" Nelson, W8HHF; Karl Koella, W8VSB; and John Rosenberger, W8WIT. Approximately 15 amateurs met at the American Red Cross Building near Downtown Toledo for the first monthly business meeting of the new organization.

Today the organization is still prepared to provide emergency communication along with participating in a variety of other activities related to amateur radio and community service.

Over the years, the TMRA has held it's general business meetings at the Red Cross building, in the home garage of one of its members, the Salvation Army, the Auditorium of Toledo Edison's Acme generating station and Luke's Barn which is part of the Lucas County Recreation Center. Today, monthly meetings are held at the Electrical Industrial Building in Rossford.

Membership in the TMRA has ranged from the original 15 to more than 340 in the early 1990's. From the mid-1990's through 2010, membership has declined to around 200 members. An amateur radio license in not required to become a member of the TMRA. However, a current amateur radio license is required to become a full voting member in the organization.

The TMRA is classified as a tax exempt, non-profit, educational organization. The organization is also registered with the State of Ohio Attorney General's office as a charitable trust foundation. The TMRA is recognized by the ARRL as a Special Services Club.

Here's a plaque presented to the TMRA from the ARRL celebrating 50 years as an ARRL-affiliated club:

Here's an old photo that was sent in by Eduardo Shea, WD8DYY:

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Past TMRA Officers


Amateur Of The Year - Guidelines
Amateur Of The Year - Duties

Year Call
Name Picture
2020 KQ6EF Richard Gill
2019 W8MUK Glenn Ingersoll
2018 KD8WCD
Tom Hadeed
Richard Peper

2017 KV8P Rob Hall
2016 N8RLH Ron Hornbeck
2015 N8ZAK Zachary Burns
2014 KD8EVN Dave Shugar
2014 KB8OTP Rod Unger
2013 WD8IOL James Easter
2012 KC8UFV Chris Hart
2011 KJ0EYT Joe Thielen
2010 KE8UE Dan Cunningham
2009 WB8FBG Rita Baker
2008 KB8EH Dave Leroux
2007 NS8W Stacey Wilczynski
2006 KC8WQU Pat Kehr
2005 KC8TVW Steve Stalker
2004 KB8PAI Tom Swartz
2003 K8AAC Martha Hanna
2002 W8TER Steve Bellner
2001 KC8BAA Jim Matthews No Images
2000 WA8SYD Mike Kehr
1999 N8NLE Jim Powell No Image
1998 N8UPT
Bob Mann
Mary Lou Mann
No Image
1997 N8NIR
Chuck Ferguson
Mark Collins
No Image
1996 WD8PKI
Larry Ross
Sonie Ross
No Image
1995 KA8BNQ Kermit Whitmill No Image
1994 WD8MXR Brian Harrington
1993 NS8C Ross Merganthaler
1992 KB8IUP
Brenda Krukowski
Chuck Krukowski
1991 K8ADK Bob Hanna


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Club By-Laws

Club By-Laws - Revised 11/13/2019


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