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W8HHF FM Repeaters (All 103.5PL): 53.110- | 147.270+ | 224.140- | 442.850+ | 927.025- (131.8PL)
W8HHF 147.270+ Downtown Remote Receiver Use (250.3 PL) instead of (103.5 PL)
W8HHF D-Star: 442.750+ | W8HHF C4FM w/Wires-X: 146.835- (Status) | APRS Digipeater/IGate: 144.390 | WinLink: 145.050
Live Streams: 147.270 FM
Current Repeater Status: All Repeaters are Operational

Contact the list maintainer to remove, or edit an active listing at or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to have your items listed here.

If you do not see that your post has been posted within 48 hours, please email as soon as possible (as something may be wrong with the website).

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The TMRA Swap ‘N Shop is a service of the Toledo Mobile Radio Association, and open to all amateurs or interested persons in the coverage area of the repeater, newsletter, or website. The TMRA reserves the right to decline to accept any listing.  Any descriptions of items listed are those of the person listing the items. Items are kept on the Swap ‘N Shop list for a period of four weeks at which time they will removed at TMRA’s discretion. Renewals are welcome, but please notify me promptly when there is no longer a need to continue a listing. When the TMRA Amateur Radio Beacon is published each month, the then current Swap ‘N Shop listings are included in the newsletter (at the editor’s discretion.)  Prices are not mentioned over the air, but if known, will be shown in the newsletter or on the website.

Also, please consider donating used working equipment to the club or a new ham! The club regularly raffles off items to newly licensed hams to help them get their start. If there are items you believe you’d like to donate to the club, please contact us. We can arrange to pick up your item(s) and raffle them off at our monthly meeting. Help a new ham get a start in this wonderful hobby!

73 de Zack, N8ZAK - List Maintainer



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